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‘Red Hood: Outlaw #47’ (review)

Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Paolo Pantalena
Published by DC Comics


Writer Scott Lobdell has done a commendable job on this book since it’s inception.

Now it looks like his run is coming to a close in the next few issues. It also looks like we are headed towards one hell of an explosive ending.

The opening scene of the book has the Red Hood with his classic gang of Starfire and Roy Harper on a classical adventure. Roy opens a door and it seems like they will be fighting against some evil and demonic creatures.

This story, of course, ties in with the present going ons in the comic.

We then get to see Jason Todd with his newly formed team. They are a rough bunch and aren’t as classy as Jason’s earlier counterparts.

Together, they band to stop Trigon and save the proverbial day.

It all happens in a purely standard way. It is the little moments that Lobdell includes, however, that really makes this comic book sing.

For example, when Bizarro confronts Trigon, it is beautiful.

Then, things get even crazier in the heat of battle.

The present day group of heroes crosses paths with the classic team from the beginning. This is an interesting twist indeed.

I really loved this issue. This is all headed towards a fine conclusion for Lobdell’s lengthy run.



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