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‘Strange Adventures #3’ (review)

Written by Tom King
Art by Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner
Published by DC Comics


This series is just a blast. I have always loved Adam Strange and I feel like he hasn’t really had a good run of books, besides the occasional miniseries.

This is a lot of fun, however, and the creative team really does a great job here.

This issue starts off with Adam Strange and Mister Terrific saying goodbye to each other.

Apparently, they have both had a nice visit and it is time to get back to daily life. Adam then goes back into his house. And that is when he gets a little strange.

No pun intended.

Things aren’t as nice as we are led to believe from the beginning of this story.

Adam then is placed into a heated battle. This quickly leads into a Superman team-up. The two heroes go up against a crazy alien craft. It is a pretty crazy opening and it only gets weirder and more fun from that point on.

We get tossed back into the fight with the other alien (the fish-like guy).

It gets pretty insane. Hawkman even shows up. By the end of the issue, Adam Strange ends up back home. But there are sinister forces at play. Some of them Adam can’t seem to actually see.

The story is tops. King does a bang up job on the script and it works on many levels. The art by Shaner and especially Gerads is a sight to behold. I am enjoying how this series is shaping up. It seems like it will end up being a definitive Adam Strange story indeed.


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