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‘Batman Beyond #46’ (review)

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Sean Chen
Published by DC Comics


This has been a really enjoyable run of comics.

Writer Dan Jurgens really makes this book the best that he can make it. He has done an excellent job of really coloring in these characters and making the stories worthwhile.

This issue is another fine story that I just loved.

This issue features Terry McGinnis and his future Bat-Family, including Damian Wayne, going up against Mr. Zero, who is like a future Mr. Freeze. At the beginning of the issue, the Earth is descending into an ice age!

They are in the future Batwing and are ready to fight.

There is a lot of talking and setup in the first part of the issue. I don’t mind a bit of that, but it did drag on a bit.

Luckily, once it did pick up, it was completely awesome. The team goes up against Mr. Zero’s League of Assassins and it turns out to be one hell of a fight.

The battle is the centerpiece of the issue. After it is over, the Bat Family head on to find Mr. Zero. But it appears before they can do that, Mr. Zero uses his powers to really turn those arctic temperatures up around the world.

Jurgens does a great job of writing a  script where the stakes are really high.

The art by Sean Chen is perfect for this book. Chen does a great job with every aspect of this comic and keeps the tension and excitement high with his art.

I am enjoying this book very much with each issue that comes out.


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