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‘Darth Vader #4’ (review)

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Raffaele Ienco
Published by Marvel Comics


Greg Pak has embarked on what has become a deeply personal story for Darth Vader.

The Sith Lord’s off the books investigation has bumped into an unexpected roadblock in the form of The Amidalans.

Led by Sabé, they’re a rogue faction from Naboo looking to avenge the death of their former Queen, and friend, Padmé.

They believe Vader killed her because Mustafar is the last place of record Padmé was seen. They also know its Vader’s home turf, which is how the Amidalans came to their conclusion.

Oh, they also want to avenge the death of Padmé’s husband, Anakin Skywalker.

You see, Mustafar is also the last place of record for Anakin. The funny thing is, no one wants to avenge Padmé more than Vader.

However, saying that would risk exposing his identity, and besides, he doesn’t want anyone carrying on in his wife’s name except him. There are more members of the Amidalians revealed, including space fighter pilot Ric Olie.

You might remember him from Episode I, where he gave a young Anakin a crash course on flying a Naboo Starfighter.

Well, it stings that he’s fighting to avenge Anakin considering Vader doesn’t even remember him. Pak’s use of Captain Typho is short but sweet as he wishes he was by Padmé’s side during the Clone Wars instead of on diplomatic missions.

Action, action, and more action is where the artwork of Raffaele Ienco excels. Vader and his forensic droid are swallowed whole by a giant sea creature. The droid kindly reminds Vader that imperial records state the creature can’t be killed. Of course, Vader doesn’t disappoint, and Ienco again uses his expressionless mask to convey emotion.

It’s masterful work that’s helped the series standout.

The next issue will be the last of this story arc, as the creative team already spilled the goods for the sixth issue. The final page of this installment shows Vader entering Padmé’s tomb, and I shudder to think of the chaos that could ensue with Vader at his most vulnerable.

Rating: B+


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