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‘Empyre #4’ (review)

Written by Al Ewing & Dan Slott
Art by Valerio Schiti
Published by Marvel Comics


Empyre is a crossover in which some of the side stories are more interesting than the main storyline.

This fourth issue is a slight improvement over previous chapters. There are a couple of genuine surprises here.

Overall, I would have a difficult time telling someone that this crossover is worth spending a significant portion of your entertainment dollar.

Hulking reveals that he will activate the Pyre, a weapon that while destroying the Cotati would also destroy life on Earth. Captain Marvel and Johnny Storm confront him , but Hulkling has them banished.

Strangely enough, they’ve arrived at the apartment of Hulkling’s significant other, Wiccan.

The following scene has Reed Richards repeating what we have just seen. From an exposition point of view, we just saw this. From a character point of view, Reed and Tony are having a similar discussion to one in the previous issue.

It kind of kills the pacing of a story that is trying to jam a lot in.

This issue has a Black Panther cameo that shows the defense of Wakanda from the Cotati. It gives us a glimpse of T’Challa’s mindset but it just feels jammed in.

She Hulk is apparently dead.

The Cotati have taken over her corpse and double crossed Ben Grimm and Sue Storm. The whole thing is treated so cursory that I doubt she is truly dead.

Our story concludes with Wiccan having doubts that Hulkling is truly himself, and the surprise reveal that Hulkling and Wiccan were married.

That is actually pretty special. If we know anything about superhero comics, marriages do not end well. So here’s hoping Marvel treats this marriage with the respect it deserves.

I just wish it was part of a better crossover.


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