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‘Maestro #1’ (review)

Written by Peter David
Art by German Peralta, Dale Keown 
Published by Marvel Comics


Peter David returns to his old stomping grounds.

He returns to offer an origin story for hero turned despot, Maestro. We have all read stories in which an origin is given, explanations are made, and we are all left underwhelmed. This time, it appears as if we are getting an origin that does not feel unnecessary.

Our introductory scenes shows Bruce Banner’s Hulk living an ideal life.

He is a hero with the Avengers fighting by his side.

He has an idyllic home life with Betty and two boys. But there’s more than meets the eye. His family appears to be a program that is glitching. The Avengers are trying to hide something from the Hulk. As it turns out this ideal life is a simulation.

Hulk has been asleep and living a dream life for years. In that time, humanity destroyed itself. As M.O.D.O.K. explains this to him, we see a Hulk that is shocked and almost helpless. How he overcomes his shock and what he does will lead to the introduction of the Maestro.

Peter David had a long, long run on the Hulk.

He knows Bruce Banner and Hulk inside and out. Sometimes you have writers and artists return to a character after a long time away and fail to recapture the magic. That is not the case here. He brings us a hero facing the darkest of circumstances. In detailing how superheroes and humanity have failed, he creates some scenes that could be dark and depressing. However, David does not write grim only for the sake of being grim. I look forward to the world building David on this series.

Dale Keown draws some early pages and it is great to see him in action. That opening page of Hulk smashing a Sentinel is pure joy. The opening scene gives way to art by German Peralta and he truly acquits himself. There is no drop off in quality from one scene to the next.

It’s great to see old pros like David and Keown still have it and still love portraying the Hulk. I’m left excited to see what Peter David has in store for the Maestro.



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