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‘Star Wars #5’ (review)

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Jesus Saiz
Published by Marvel Comics


Luke Skywalker’s wounds are still fresh after learning the horrible truth about his father.

Desperate for answers, his search leads him to the mysterious Jedi master he saw in his visions.

However, Luke isn’t the only one reeling from the aftermath of Cloud City.

Darth Vader is tearing through anyone who even remotely has information on his son’s whereabouts.

Charles Soule created an excellent narrative synergy between the Skywalkers. Naturally, Luke’s state of mind post Empire is understandable. Vader, on the other hand, well, no one thinks of his feelings.

The moment he finally met his son didn’t go as planned and would do anything to find him again. Vader’s ruthless aggression is replaced with reckless abandon, which people in Imperial employ are starting to notice.

Soule focuses primarily on Luke in this issue, bringing him face to face with the Jedi Master.

So, who is the Jedi in question? While I’m not going to spoiler it here, their presence ties into the previous Darth Vader series, also penned by Soule.

The reveal itself will only mean something for those who closely followed the series. I’ll give another more hint.

This particular Jedi is no master and their journey mirrors Luke’s in many ways.

We get a nice call back to one of Yoda’s infamous pearls of wisdom. The quote resonates with both parties for different reasons. Yoda himself instructed Luke while mystery Jedi never met the little green guy.

Another reveal harkens back to The Last Jedi, particularly the moment where Luke told Rey about the subsequent fall of the Jedi and rise of Darth Sidious. Many die hard Star Wars fans wondered how Luke knew about such things. Did Yoda or Obi-Wan tell him, or did he read about it in the sacred Jedi texts?

Nope. Mystery Jedi told him all about it.

Jesus Saiz’s artwork matches Soule’s narrative flow. There is no particular image that stands out; however, the right depictions work to full effect at the right moments. Especially when Luke learns about Order 66. Mystery Jedi is powerful in one particular facet of the Force.

Soule uses the ability to significant effect, enhancing the story, and the character’s narrative possibilities. This issue was a big improvement from the last one, and my mind is racing with a prediction that I hope will pan out as the series moves forward.

Rating: B

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