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‘Superman #24’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Kevin Maguire and John Timms
Published by DC Comics


I didn’t think that this series could feel any more directionless.

Boy, was I wrong.

Brian Michael Bendis is lost as to where to take this book and it shows. This was a trudge to get through and does not look to be turning any different anytime soon. That stinks.

So we get to see Superman and Doctor Fate squaring off against the villain of the piece at the Tower of Fate.

We get to see this on the first page of the issue. Then, we immediately get an unnecessary flashback for two pages. Then, we go back to the fight! It is incredibly jarring.

It actually messes with the flow of the beginning immensely.

But this is what Bendis does consistently: His stories are all over the place. So, a halfway interesting fight breaks out. This is the best part of the issue. It allows the artists to cut loose and that is a good thing.

It all wraps up in a very trite way.

There is a cliffhanger ending of sorts that borders on lame. The art styles of Maguire and Timms also don’t meld together very well and it actually is a bit weird when the art changes.

Bendis leaves the overall story directionless as usual.

There is no sense of where we are going or even where we are.

This title and Action Comics are a continual strange read. There is no continuity and not a lot is memorable.

I hope they get it together as this feels like a complete waste of time.



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