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Tech to Keep You Cool This Summer

There’s a lot of cool tech on the market to help with the summer heat. There’s a lot out there that can lower your body temperature and make you a lot more comfortable. Even more than that, some of it can actually help you save energy in your home which can lower your monthly bill.

So check out these cool new (and old) tech ideas to keep you cool in so many ways.

Temp-Regulated Bedding

Since you start and end your days in bed, it only makes sense that your bedroom should be an oasis of care-free cool, safe from the heat of those scorching summer days. First, consider a mattress that has good airflow or cooling properties to give yourself the best base possible for your bedding.

Next, pick up a summer-friendly mattress pad and a set of sheets that are designed to wick moisture and help regulate your body’s temperature. You’re no stranger to heated blankets, so why not look into a cooling blanket, too? Finally, banish night sweats for good by investing in a quality set of cooling pillows. Before you know it, the only reason you’ll be flipping over the pillow is out of sheer habit.

Wearable Neck Tech 

Don’t settle for clothes that just look cool when you can opt for clothes that keep you cool, too. Looking for clothing that is specifically moisture-wicking is a good place to start. Another possibility is clothing that actually keeps you cooler the more you sweat. Some cooling shirts or vests are made with cooling crystals or other chemical agents that cause the water to evaporate

More Than Just a Hat 

There’s nothing that says “summertime” quite like a baseball cap. Step up to the plate in style with this hat that includes a built-in fan. Did we mention that it’s solar-powered?

Go Old-School

Umbrellas aren’t exactly innovative technology anymore, but you would be surprised at the difference a good umbrella can make when you’re faced with a sunny spot on a sweltering day. Not only do umbrellas give you the shade you’re craving, but they also help block out harmful UV rays.

Keep Your Tech Cool, Too

Whether you’re working from the couch or sitting on the porch, it’s always a smart idea to prevent your laptop from overheating. Keeping a cooling pad under your laptop can make a substantial difference in the temperature of your computer. It also provides a sturdy support. The level base alone can help to regulate your hardware’s inner temperature, so you can stay focused on your work, not the hot underside of your laptop.

USB Fans 

Looking for a little extra cooling power, but don’t want to adjust the temperature in your entire home or office? A simple USB-compatible fan might be just what you’re looking for. In fact, you can even find portable fans that plug right into the charging port of your phone for extra cooling action anywhere you go. A gadget-ready fan is an easy way to feel refreshed when out and about, without breaking the bank.

Up Your Hydration Game 

If you’re used to enjoying your summers outdoors, then you’re probably aware of the importance of staying hydrated. Why not get a little more out of your water bottle? Consider a bottle that comes equipped with a built-in mister. Whether you’re on a bike ride, a trail run, or even just a walk in the park, you’re sure to benefit from this cool add-on.

Cooling Patches 

You’re familiar with heating pads. They’re a quick and straightforward way to warm up for a day on the slopes – just toss them into your gloves, and you’re good to go. So why don’t we think to take the same approach to cool down in the summer? Cooling packs are typically sold in a multi-pack, and the best part is that they usually come in a gel form, meaning you can pop them back in the freezer and get several uses out of one pack. They’re great to cool down, but they can also be used to ice injuries or burns.

Shower on the Go 

The camping gear you never knew you needed. Yes, a portable shower, and they come in a wide variety. Some come in the form of a pop-up tent. Others come equipped with a foot-pump. And believe it or not, you can even get the ultra-portable shower-in-a-bag, for up to five gallons of water, ready to go for your cleansing needs the next time you find yourself without modern plumbing.

Cooling Car Seats 

Beat the heat with a cooling add-on to your vehicle. Nowadays, you can find a myriad of cooling seat covers that help regulate your body’s temperature and up the ventilation in your car. There are even some car seat coolers that come equipped with built-in massagers.

A Fan on the Go

When it comes to choosing cool-down tech, you don’t always have to compromise on space. These pocket-sized personal fans will fit just about anywhere. An added bonus? They’re battery-powered, so no need to worry about cords or recharging.

Slather on the Cool 

If you’re looking for some easy cooling power but don’t want to go through all the trouble of buying a new gadget, then a cooling gel is going to be your new best friend. Some cooling gels give off a minty tingle for instant relief. If you prefer to stick to erring on the simpler side of things, aloe vera has natural cooling properties. Other types of cooling gel are designed to keep you cool for hours after applying, which is great if you plan on being out for a while. There are even gels that have lidocaine, which is perfect if you’re looking for some after-sun burn relief that’s both fast and long-lasting.

Portable Fans 

When you think “portable fan,” you’re probably dreading the thought of lugging around a bulky, battery-powered fan. You thought wrong. These wearable fans are as light as a pair of headphones and sit comfortably around your neck to keep you cool through whatever temperatures summer decides to throw your way.


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