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‘Action Comics #1025’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita, Jr.
Published by DC Comics


This book just seems to be circling the drain.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has left this book without a seemingly coherent direction. The whole thing feels a bit put together sloppily.

It is starting to feel like he may never get it together on this title and that is not a good thing.

This book’s title is “The House of Kent.”

The truth is out there about Clark’s identity.

As a result of the news getting out there, the book opens with the citizens of Metropolis going berserk.

That is when the “House of Kent” has to come in to and save the day.

Basically, Bendis has turned the “Super-family” characters into a makeshift gang. They save the day early on, but as the issue goes on, they become aware of something bigger going on. They find that it might be something even bigger than they thought originally.

The Invisible Mafia is loose in Metropolis! We get to see them gathering! We get to see what their overall plans might be! It is so boring and trite that I really started to tune out.

The villains look cool but none of them really are that big of a threat to the House of Kent.

The story is pretty standard and dull. The character development is non existent. The art is the best part but it can’t pull this story up to being any good. All you can do when reading this is to sit there and hope you can get through it quickly.



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