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‘Batman #99’ (review)

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Published by DC Comics


Just when you thought that Tynion’s run on this title couldn’t fizzle out anymore, this issue comes out.

It is obvious that he has run out of story and he is just padding it at this point. The conflict is dull and the whole thing seems like a painful exercise in pointless futility.

We see at the beginning of this issue that Gotham City is being torn apart by the Joker’s gang!

The art by Jorge Jimenez really drives that point home! He is great and I wish he had a better script to work off of. This truly could have been a classic storyline rather into the throwaway story it has now become.

We get a scene where the Joker tries to take a limousine out for a drive. Something happens and he kills someone.

It feels stale at this point and repetitive. There are little moments like this in the issue that don’t add up to a whole lot. It does get slightly more interesting by the end of the issue.

Batman calls in the entire Bat-Family to help him take Gotham back! Batman is a man on the edge, and that is demonstrated pretty well throughout the issue. The gang is all here and it is time to fight back against the Joker’s gang!

I wish that I was more excited about this seeing as we are headed towards the 100th issue.

Instead, I am thinking about how great it would have been to see where we would have ended up if Tom King was still on the book.

Oh, well. This is the penultimate, semi-bland chapter of a semi-bland storyline. It is okay at best. I wish it had more heart in it.


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