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‘Catwoman #25’ (review)

Written by Ram V
Art by Fernando Blanco,
Juan Ferreyra, John Paul Leon

Published by DC Comics


This title gets a new writer this week with Ram V taking over. I have to admit that I have been a little cool on his writing work. I am willing to give him a chance however. This book has needed a new direction and I was hoping that this would be it.

So, how is this issue overall?

Man, it was great. It is an extra sized issue with three stories! The main story is called “Duende.” It is a tie in to the Joker War storyline. It is very well drawn by artist Fernando Blanco. We get to see Selina breaking into a facility to get back the plans that were stolen from her. It is a simple, yet exciting story that features the Riddler and the Penguin as Selina’s adversaries. It is very well done!

That story feels like that will be the “continuing story” of Ram V’s run.

The first backup story is very basic. It is basically about Catwoman returning to Alleytown to start up her empire(that is pretty much the title of this story). It is a quick story but it is beautifully drawn by John Paul Leon and it is a nice treat.

The final story in this comic is drawn by Juan Ferreyra. It gives the reader a closer look at Selina Kyle’s life. It shows us her daily life and a lot of the elements in it. It shows her being a criminal, and the different things she does in a day. It is pretty simple too, but man, the art is pretty great.

This is a nice start to Ram V’s run as writer of this book. Now, we have to see if he can make it consistent from here.

Judging from this, I think he can. This is a well crafted issue overall and I am excited to see where we are this title is headed.



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