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First Look: ‘The Secrets of Spies: Inside the Hidden World of International Agents’

From James Bond to Mata Hari, in scores of books and movies, and on the front pages of newspapers, spies have always captured the imagination. But what’s the truth behind the fiction? The Secrets of Spies (Weldon Owen; 10/27) sheds light on the mysterious life of the spy, explaining the real-life origins of spying, examining some of history’s most notorious spies and spycatchers, and revealing the role espionage plays even today in business, politics, and everyday life.

Filled with lavish illustrations and hundreds of full-color photographs, this all-in-one family reference title provides hours of fun and entertainment for any reader. Narrated in a engaging, compelling style, The Secrets of Spies is a thrilling, in-depth global investigation of the hidden history of espionage. It explores the history of surveillance and spying going back to Ancient cultures, and doing deep dives on espionage’s role and development throughout WWII and the Cold War. The book goes into the various tools and tactics used at the highest levels of international spying, from Bondian gadgets to the modern drone technology.

It also explores the forefront of modern spying, including Election interference and other aspects of international cyberwarfare that stand to shape our geopolitical landscape for the foreseeable future.

After the jump check out some previews from this awesome new book!

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