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‘Iron Man #1’ (review)

Written by by Christopher Cantwell
Art by Cafu
Published by Marvel Comics


The most recent Iron Man #1 feels somewhat clunky.

It’s just a first issue, and it has some good parts. However, the sum of its parts just adds up to a serviceable first issue.

Tony Stark finds himself in a mid-life crisis.

He has cashed out of Stark Unlimited.

He’s downgrading his lifestyle. His armor is retro. He’s hanging out with new friends. Reuniting with some old friends. Making new enemies.

Even his crime fighting has downscaled, as the crime fighting consists of stopping the theft of a rare text.

In a search to simplify his life, Tony moves from a swanky West Coast mansion to a New York City brownstone.

He goes back to the suitcase armor. He’s hanging out with Hellcat, a fun character to have around. He’s even taking part in some Fast and Furious style drag racing.

While throwing a party for some distinguished guests, Tony meets Fuller Tielhard. He’s a fellow scientist trying to sell Tony on Lighting Capture. Capturing lighting as a power source. Tony is dismissive. It’s no surprise when he later appears to be villainous.

At this point, Tony being arrogant to someone, and that person becoming a villain, feels like a well worn trope.

Chris Cantwell is trying to create a stripped down Tony Stark.

If it’s with the intention of building him back up, it could be interesting. Otherwise, it just feels beneath the Tony Stark that we have seen built up on page and screen over the last decade or so. Cafu’s art is well done, but feels a little cold and flat.

It’s a testament to what Marvel has done that I prefer calling him Tony Stark and not Iron Man.

Between Robert Downey, Jr.’s performance and the work of writers like Matt Fraction and Dan Slott, the character is fully formed. I look forward to seeing what the creators come up with in the newest run of this title.

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