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‘Maestro #2’ (review)

Written by Peter David
Art by Dale Keown, German Peralta
Published by Marvel Comics


With a year that doesn’t have a lot going for it, sometimes you just need to read something that fits the current mood. Something that you can just read and in reading realize things could be worse.

The Maestro series seems to strike that chord.

The Hulk looks over the ruins of humanity with a sense of weariness and bemusement.

Sad over the destruction that humanity has left, but not in the least surprised.

He stumbles into some humans, led by Machine Man. He informs of the current lay of the land, including the fact that there is a God-like leader in charge, called the Maestro.

Hulk goes in search of Maestro, and is shocked to discover the identity of this Maestro.

As was this reader.

In a back up story with art by Dale Keon, we tag along with Rick Jones’ grandchildren who find relics that heroes left behind after the fall. To call it a story is being generous. The art is pleasant, but at three pages it’s very slight.

Peter David does set a very despondent tone to the story, with a bit of grim humor to lighten the mood. For an issue that is mostly set up, it works. German Peralta’s art is impressive, whether in busy action sequences or quieter moments. The quieter moments of exposition could be dull in lesser hands, but Peralta’s work keeps you involved.

I don’t know if this is Peter David’s last work on the Hulk. If so, this series is a pretty good final stroke.


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