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Popular Culture Degree Options to Consider

Pop culture is an emerging academic field that is becoming more and more popular. This is an amazing educational opportunity that you will be excited about. You will have all the creative subjects you will enjoy so you won’t need an essay helper. This new academic field covers such aspects as film, literature, TV, advertising, history of culture, etc. If you choose to pursue a similar program, you will be able to learn across subjects and expand your knowledge and horizons while acquiring solid transferable skills to apply in the future. Check out what your options are in pop culture studies and consider each variant.

MA in Pop Culture
This is one of the most popular programs available, as it’s pretty universal. This interdisciplinary degree is the best choice as students can choose the most interesting courses. These customizable courses might include anthropology, communication, literature, film, culture, and so on. The graduate program will take approximately 1-1,5 years to complete.

MA in Television Studies
Here is another program that will be related to the pop culture academic field too. If you choose to pursue this program, then you will dig deeper into the TV history that will help you understand its role for different countries and cultures. Also, you will learn more about the financial and business side of the TV industry, its current development stage.

MA in Media Studies
This is an amazing program for those students who are passionate about modern technologies and want to find out more about media. You will learn how to promote a brand, company, or a person by analyzing all the variety of aspects from economic, historical, societal peculiarities of a certain country. You will also take courses in criticism, philosophy, and cultural history.

MA in Film
This is a great solution for students who are interested in the film industry and would love to work in this industry in the future. You will be excited to know that you will learn about film history, explore modern film trends and tendencies and industry transformation. You will also learn how to analyze films as well as will acquire important industry skills like editing and production.

MA in History of Culture
Modern media are evolving pretty rapidly, and to understand the route of all these changes, it will be important to see everything from the historical perspective. You will be able to learn more about cultural history that will let you answer many modern questions. Career opportunities are immense, from teaching to consulting large companies.

MA in Digital Media
This specific degree will let you learn more about all popular digital media types that include blogs, electronic books, digital comics, video games, and so on. Besides, you will be able to find out not just how to create all the variety of digital media forms but some critical study basics.

MA in Critical Theory
This particular course will introduce you to all the basic information and knowledge that makes it possible to analyze and criticize media. You will learn how to talk and discuss the biggest questions concerning modern culture. You will be able to analyze pop culture and write about all your findings effectively.

MA in Social Media Marketing
This is a perfect program related to pop culture. You will have a chance to get priceless skills and knowledge about social media marketing that you can apply in any industry. You will get all the theoretical and practical skills needed to create and launch effective social media marketing campaigns and their effect on modern society and businesses.

How to Get Enrolled
To pursue a graduate pop culture program, you have to complete a bachelor’s degree in any related field and provide your transcripts. In addition, a mandatory requirement will be to take a GRE test, so make sure to check out the score required to get enrolled in an educational institution of your choice. Also, it will be important to provide a motivation letter that will show your desire to study this specific field as well as 3 letters of recommendation from your professors.

Final Words
As you can see, the pop culture academic field is quite new but a very fast-evolving educational path that is interesting for many students today. We have provided you with a brief overview of the main options you might consider as your future academic path. If you are interested in one of these variants, then feel free to learn more about it, and don’t hesitate to apply for a relevant program.




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