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‘Stillwater #1’ (review)

Written by Chip Zdarsky 
Art by Ramon K. Perez, Mike Spicer
Published by Image Comics/Skybound


I never would have thought to put writer Chip Zdarksy and artist Ramon K. Perez on a horror book together. Yet, that is exactly what this comic book from Image Comics has done. The results are pretty damn amazing and this is a horror book that actually succeeds in being scary!

The opening scene introduces us to Daniel. He is fired from him job for shoving a colleague (who was a scumbag).

We then see him drunk and sick outside of a club. He starts a fight with a bouncer that doesn’t end well. He is falling apart fast and furious, basically. Things are about to change for him though.

He wakes up at a friend’s place. Daniel then finds a man there. The man says that Daniel is inheriting money from his great grand aunt.

The condition is, Daniel has to go over to the town of Stillwater to get it. Daniel is excited at this prospect as it has come at the perfect time.

Daniel then makes the journey to Stillwater.

As soon as he gets there, he starts to see how strange the town is. He learns that if you are in the town, you can’t die. This seems like it might be a dream. We quickly learn that it is anything but.

Zdarsky fills his script with a certain dread. He really is one of the most imaginative creators out there. Ramon K. Perez is one my favorite artists out there. This might be my favorite work of his. It is beautifully illustrated and has great storytelling.

This is a good start. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


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