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‘Superman #25’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ivan Reis
Published by DC Comics


Brian Michael Bendis continues his tepid run of writing this character with this issue.

I literally have no idea where he is taking this book. That is not a good thing as I genuinely think that he doesn’t have a plan. It is pretty apparent that it may be the case with each new issue that comes out these days.

In this issue, we get to meet a new villain! The villain’s name is really catchy too! I say that sarcastically.

The villain’s name is Synmar and he is unlike anything Superman has ever seen! Except he is just like all the other villains Bendis has created in his run: completely boring and annoying.

In fact, this character seems a lot like Rogol Zaar who annoyed us at the beginning of Bendis’s run.

We first see him in the past, shocked that the planet Krypton has been destroyed! We see a bunch of Synmar’s population talking about how Krypton exploded! And we see that they have taken notice that Kal-El has escaped Krypton’s demise.

So yeah. Synmar goes to Earth.

It is shown how he represents all of the people of his home planet. And simply put, he also wants to eradicate all life on earth as well as Superman!

Faster than you can say “Rogol Zaar,” Superman and Synmar meet and everything just goes to hell.

This issue is a hard one to read. It feels like the same song with different lyrics. At least the art by Ivan Reis is really good. It is some of the best work of his career.

Sadly, this issue doesn’t do much to impress and Bendis just seems to be continually treading water over and over again.


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