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‘Black Widow #2’ (review)

Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Elena Casagrande
Published by Marvel Comics


The new Black Widow is a series that is clearly building.

It’s building slowly, but it is building.

Kelly Thompson is a writer who I trust with this story. It’s suspenseful. But I can’t help but feel this would work better as a collected volume. It’s not a bad issue at all. This tea is taking it’s time to boil.

Natasha is living the blissful married life.

Clint and Bucky watch on, dumbfounded. They’re confusion doubling for our confusion. Clint goes in to investigate.

In the course of a casual conversation he discovers what we know, Natasha is going by Natalie and has a child and a fiancée.

Natalie and her husband go out for a night in the town. She wanders and stumbles into a robbery.

What follows is a Jason Bourne like sequence. She has all these lethal skills and nary a clue where they originated.

All the while, we have the mysterious babysitter, villainous Arcade looking on, and Arcade’s mysterious employer. This issue concludes Natalie, zoned out, and unknowingly building a bomb.

Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande work together to create a chapter of a story, but the chapter manages to be exciting yet slight. The reader is left wanting a lot more. The art manages to convey the humdrum suburban lifestyle while recognizing that this story has darker edges.

I’m looking forward to future chapters of this story, and getting more answers to the mysteries introduced in the first issue.

If you’re the impatient type, you may want to wait til the collected volume.



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