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‘Penultiman  #1’ (review)

Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Alan Robinson
Published by Ahoy Comics


Ahoy Comics has been producing some of the most unique comic books in the past two years.

They have been giving us some intriguing twists on some usual superhero fare. This book is yet another such book that really stretches some of the concepts that we normally see. It is a fresh take on some old tropes for sure.

This book is a spin-off from the book Steel Cage.

It all starts off with Penultiman flying above the city. A big flaming sphere is headed towards the city. He stops it from impact.

Then, we see him fighting a villain in the sky in a big pinball-like area in the sky!

It is an exciting beginning.

Penultiman has been fighting Zev Zolo who is the cause for all of this chaos. He defeats Zev Zolo and makes sure he gets his just desserts. That is when a robot who looks like Penultiman joins him in the sky!

Who is this robot and what does he want with our hero?

We get to see a flashback (or a flash forward as the character is from the future). There is a larger plot going on that Penultiman isn’t seeing quite yet.

It all leads to a nice cliffhanger that makes you want more immediately.

Writer Tom Peyer has been instrumental in creating many aspects of the Ahoy Comics line. This is another success for him. It is smart, funny, and it works on many levels.

The art by Alan Robinson is good as well and does a great job of visually realizing this world. This is a nice start to a good series!



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