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‘The Amazing Spider-Man #50’ (review)

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Edgar Delgado,
Patrick Gleason, Morry Hollowell

Published by Marvel Comics


It’s been more than two years since the creepy Kindred started toying with Peter Parker.

In the latest issue, writer Nick Spencer sets the table for a showdown and drops at least one bombshell in the oft-plundered “sins of the father” motif that has served Spider-Man comics well for decades.

In the previous issue – the historic Amazing Spider-Man #850 – we saw the Sin-Eater (in service of Kindred) take aim at Norman Osborn, current director of the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane.

Spidey swooped in to fight alongside his lifetime foe, only to have Osborn turn on him (duh) with yet another attempt to kill the Wall Crawler when the Sin-Eater was subdued.

Luckily for our hero, his buddies in the Order of the Web bailed him out and Spidey – rightfully angry at Osborn and himself for another near-fatal error in judgement – left Norman behind in the ruins of the toppled Ravencroft Institute.

This issue is decidedly absent of action compared to last week’s big book, but the chess pieces have been deployed and questions remain.

Was Norman truly cleansed of his prodigious sins?

Did the Order of the Web inherit said sins in return for saving their boy Pete?

When will Doctor Strange finally grow tired of Peter’s crap and decide to stop helping him?

The next five issues (and the ancillary books associated with the Last Remains storyline) will surely answer those questions and expand on some of the surprises sprung this week. I’m looking forward to it – especially since the story is weaving characters that were integral to my childhood (Osborn, Stacey, another Osborn) with the new generation embodied by the Order of the Web.

Last Remains is slated to bring Spidey books all the way up to the New Year. As such, it’s encouraging to see that the Wall Crawler’s 2020 has been as harrowing as ours.


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