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‘Justice League #57’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Xermanico
Published by DC Comics
Buy it Digitally from comiXology


Justice League #57 wraps up this portion of the Death Metal crossover with a bang.

It has lots of action, depicted with a lot of impact. It juggles a lot of characters without feeling too big.

It manages to remind you of a lot of the better Justice League stories without featuring much of the Big Seven of the League.

The story opens with a flashback that bookends a flashback in the opening issue of this storyline.

It manages to show what the Justice League means to Dick Grayson and the odds that our heroes face both in this title and the main Death Metal series.

In the present, Nightwing and his version of the Justice League are battling the freed Legion of Doom only to discover that the Omega Knight has not quite been defeated.

The ensuing battle versus the Omega Knight, and how Lex Luthor will help, concludes this issue and casually escorts you right to the main Death Metal series.

To it’s credit, a lot of crossovers handle the transition from side story to main title crassly, but Justice League does it with style.

The impression here is that Josh Williamson enjoys writing Justice League and Dick Grayson. While Lex Luthor in this storyline has come off as whiny and one dimensional, his Nightwing definitely is someone with heroic aspirations. I certainly would enjoy Williamson getting more time with Nightwing. Xermanico’s work continues to impress. His action scenes tell a clear story.

While a Justice League story that doesn’t feature the Big Guns can come off as second rate, the creative team brought a lot of energy to this arc.

I hope they get to do more work together.


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