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The Pull List: AGE OF ULTRON #1, AVENGERS #7, COLDER #5 & More!!

Check out what I checked out this week.

Whether the comics are inspiring or disappointing, I read them all.

Welcome to The Pull List.

And, as always…Spoilers ahead!

Fairy Quest: Outlaws #2 (Pick of the Week)
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Colorist: Leonardo Olea
Letters: Leonardo Olea
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99

Last year, Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos opened a Kickstarter campaign to publish Fairy Quest, on their own as a beautiful hardcover graphic novel.

Over $95,000 was raised in order for their passion project to see the light of day. Now their story is being released in single issues.  

Fairy Quest is set in the world of Fablewood, where all of your favorite bedtime stories live together. Things aren’t all they are cracked up to be as Mister Grimm and his “Think Police” who will mind wipe those who don’t literally stick to their story.

Red Riding Hood aka “Red”, and the Wolf are actually friends who no longer want to live in the same cycle of storytelling. They go on a quest to find a place called “Real World” where they can live the life they desire. The relationship between Red and Wolf is what strengthens the script because they know each other so well and would do absolutely anything for one another.

You would think it would be odd to see them getting along so well due to their storybook rivalry, but Jenkins makes it come across organically. Humberto Ramos’ magical artwork is the perfect fit for this fabled adventure and it shines in every panel of the book. The opening page shows the real world implications when one deviates from the script and despite this you still find yourself rooting for Red and Wolf to succeed, without a second thought, even though one of the most popular stories of all time will be erased from existence as a result.

Grade: A

Age of Ultron #1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Bryan Hitch & Paul Neary
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Letters: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Marvel’s newest mega crossover event is here and it feels like we just got done with Avengers vs. X-Men. This ten issue series is the usual dystopian saga where evil has prevailed, all hope is lost, our heroes are holding on by a thread, and it’s all thanks to the technological terror created by Dr. Hank Pym.

Age of Ultron wastes no time getting to the good stuff as we join our regularly scheduled program that is already in progress. New York City is in ruins and we know who is at fault but we don’t know how or why it happened.

As of right now, there are a few superheroes left and no villains in sight.

The world as we know it is gone. There is kind of a “Fallen Skies” vibe to the whole thing, which adds a different element to the usual song and dance we’re treated to this time of the year.

If you read Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, and you should, the grounded version of the character will not be found as it is the arrow shooting badass that takes the lead and is the central figure of the story.

I’m convinced that Ultron is Brian Michael Bendis in disguise. He writes so many ongoing comics a month and gets all the big events as well. Hopefully, the different elements, such as how this issue began, will keep on coming in order to separate itself from past crossover events.

Earlier promotional material advertised last October was the kick off to this event. Good things come to those who wait and if the rumors regarding a major universal shift change are true, we are in for one hell of a ride!

Grade: B+

Injustice #8
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Jheremy Raapack
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Wes Abbott
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: 99¢

Absolute power corrupts absolutely as the majority of the Justice League stands firmly behind Superman as the United States government has kidnapped his parents.

Tom Taylor’s high stakes script leaves no stone unturned. Batman has the line of the week when he tells the President “The police wouldn’t think to look for your body on Saturn!” since he is terrified the kidnapping plot will be traced back to him.

Based on what has been revealed about the video game, it will be interesting to see how certain super heroes decide to unpledge their allegiance to Superman while others form new alliances. Those who take the trip down DC Comics’ digital landscape will thoroughly enjoy this story at a price that can’t be beat.

Grade: A-

All-New X-Men #8
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Marte Gracia
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

All-New X-Men is the horse driving the cart for X titles in the Marvel universe.

As good as the script is, it is the artwork of David Marquez that just might steal the show. Past and present Angel have an in-flight chat about what life may, and will, bring until they encounter Hydra attacking an empty Avengers Tower. Teen Angel is befuddled since the last time he checked, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes resided in a mansion.

Of course, Captain America and company arrive on the scene and Cap is immediately taken aback by the sight of the two winged mutants.

Kitty Pryde and Iceman have a hilarious mock conversation in the shadows of some serious banter between chat Beast and Captain America. What makes this series tick is its ability to make every single element matter while being highly enjoyable.

Grade: B

The Bionic Man #17
Writer: Aaron Gillespie
Artist: Ed Tadeo
Colorist: Thigo Ribiro
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $3.99

Action, action, and more action is what Steve Austin brings to the table in this special ops adventure series.

This is just one of those comics where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Aaron Gillespie takes us to a political conflict in the Middle East that soon turns explosive.

Austin is sent in to disarm nukes that are aimed at US soil until he sees the deaths of innocents and decides to make a different play.

On the news, we hear about innocent people getting caught in the line of fire during this war and it is nice to read a story, despite it being fiction, where someone of extraordinary abilities is fighting for them.

Grade: B

Colder #5
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Juan Ferrerya
Cover: Juan Ferrerya
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

Dark Horse is the best place to find horror comic books and Paul Tobin’s Colder is the king of their mountain.

Jack Nimble is looking to satisfy his hellacious appetite and Declan is the main course.

The sick and twisted happenings in this book are executed to such perfection that it is humbling to read such well written material.

The detail in Juan Ferrerya’s artwork exudes a museum quality worthy of an Eisner Award.

Horror today shocks more than scares and this book accomplishes both as this is an intense thriller that will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget. The only bad thing about this book is that it is the finale.

Grade: A-

Avengers #7
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Art: Dustin Weaver
Colors: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99

Multiverse events are a dime a dozen, but what if one occurred by accident?

The threat level of this shatters the cosmic Richter scale. The Superflow, structures hidden within every universe, is being destroyed one by one. Earth 616 is on the chopping block, and it is up to the Avengers to stop it.

Jonathan Hickman poses the question: is the death of thousands worth it when trying to save the entire planet?

Dustin Weaver did a fantastic job with the art direction as his page layouts set a frenetic pace.

 The Starbrand has arrived at last to lend a helping hand, but is he friend or foe?

Grade: B+

Titles that didn’t make the list but may tickle your fancy

Star Wars: Dark Times – Fire Carrier #2 (Dark Horse)
Younglings are on the run and Darth Vader is up to his usual force choking antics.

Green Arrow #18 (DC Comics)
Jeff Lemire proves issue 17 was not a fluke and that fans are in for something special.

Lost Vegas #1 (Image Comics)
This is a different kind of tale and you may just enjoy it. What happens in this giant space resort, stays in this giant space resort.

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