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INFOGRAPHIC: How America is Watching TV

Our culture today seeks constant entertainment. If something is boring or uneventful, people don’t gravitate towards that activity, in fact they tend to avoid it. Regular tasks and activities have to adapt to this relatively recent need for constant, enjoyable mind stimulation. With diminishing attention spans, this task is becoming increasingly difficult (especially for advertisers and marketers). Television seems to be a successful outlet for this need for both entertainment and entertaining advertising!

Season premieres to series finales, everyone relates to that weekly anticipation of the next episode. Reality or drama, sports or news, more people than your probably think have their own reasons for tuning in. Whether TV acts as your entertainment or background filler, do you really know how much television America watches? From age to race, this infographic shows everything you need to know about the viewing habits of Americans. It is interesting and extremely relevant for marketers and advertisers to look at the statistics and facts about how America is watching TV.

Infographic after the jump.

How America Is Watching TV, an Infographic by Koeppel Direct

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