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Technology in Gaming

As technology evolves at a continually rapid rate, its application in the world of gaming continues to be used in new and innovative ways.

With pre-established properties, technology allows games to be reimagined for new audiences.

Electronic Monopoly

One of the most iconic board games of all time didn’t escape a technological upgrade. Cash has been replaced with bank cards and utilizing the handheld banking unit, players can check their cash balance immediately and track cash electronically as you buy properties, pay bills, bet online or collect gifts and debts from your opponents. One of the claims of the game is that bills are paid quicker and property can be purchased immediately. A huge time saver, considering some player’s can take up to minutes to settle their affairs.

Mobile Gaming

Many games, in particular, Words With Friends or Draw Anything (which are basically knock offs of Scrabble and Pictionary), allow players to compete across their network, so competitors aren’t limited to location. It’s not unusual for a player to have several games going on at the same time with opponents from all over the globe.

Desktop Card Games

There are thousands of sites out there that bring the magic of Vegas, Atlantic City or Monaco to your desktop. For those who enjoy blackjack, poker or any virtually any game in the privacy of their home, there’s now the ability to avoid the smoke and crowds, and crank up the air conditioner, turn on Wayne Newton and play all night long.

Gaming Systems

From the Xbox360 to PlayStation 4, technology is at it’s boldest when it comes to these two systems. 3D, state of the art graphics, interactivity and a constant supply of new games and other original video content makes the true fan the ideal consumer of this ever-evolving technology.

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