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Top Trends to Expect in the Mobile Gaming Market in 2015

Mobile gaming is now a fully established aspect of popular culture, and one that traverses multiple platforms and appeals to an increasingly diverse social demographic.

It has grown at an incredible rate during the last five years, and remains the engine for wider expansion within the remote gaming sector. As you would expect, it is continuing to record impressive statistics as the year progresses, while there are also a number of interesting trends that will shape the future of the mobile gaming market.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the top mobile gaming trends for the year ahead.

The Rise of the Freemium Model

The popularisation of mobile gaming has set in motion the so-called devaluation of titles, which is known more commonly as the freemium model. Through this, operators offer free access to specific mobile titles before embellishing the experience with option, in-game purchase options. This creates the illusion of free gameplay and appeals to modern players who demand the autonomy to spend as when and they decide. According today’s web, 90% of revenue generated by games on the App store came from free-to-play titles.

The Popularisation of Live, Mobile Casinos

The popularisation of online roulette has been pronounced in recent times, and this is trend is set to continue throughout 2015. A key contributor to this is the emergence of live gameplay, which has been underpinned by advanced, real-time technology and improved interaction between players and dealers. As live gameplay becomes more accessible and offers an increasingly authentic experience, players will be inclined to spend even more of their hard-earned cash.

The Emergence of Cross-platform Gaming

The idea of mobile gaming on the big screen remains the Holy Grail for many players, and this is now achievable thanks to cross-platform technology. Innovations such as Google’s Chromecast enable gamers to wirelessly connect their mobile handsets to alternative mediums, including laptops, desktop computers and large screen televisions.

This means that gaming experiences can be streamed in real-time and enjoyed across a wide range of media, enabling you to create a physical casino experience within the home.

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