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CROSSFIRE Flashback. You’ll Get Caught Up In It…


It’s the future. The world has collapsed into chaos. There is no more law, no more order…

The only thing that remains is a battle between two forces to see who the ultimate warrior really is. It’s a violent game fought on a bloody field of chaos. A winner takes all war that is less rules and more brutal violence.

Some call it a game. I call it madness. Everyone calls it:



Crossfire was created by Milton Bradley and released in 1971 – the concept being like air hockey as both opposing sides score by getting their “puck” in the opposite player’s goal. However, instead of air and paddles, the player uses a spring-loaded gun that shoots small ball bearings into a bin at the other end of the board.

It’s at this point I’m going to level with you all – the game really isn’t that awesome. In fact, it’s kind of lame.

It’s played on a small, plastic board and you shoot tiny guns that *pew-pew* even teenier balls at a little puck thing. Even as a child I remember feeling worried that I would accidentally break the damn thing.


Really, it’s not that Crossfire is any different than, say, Mousetrap; it’s just the ad campaign and theme song was so epic! If you don’t remember it:

I mean, did you SEE what went down?

I mean, the board itself was on fire! It was HUGE! And you got on some super cool hover board thing. Then you get the actual game hurdled to you by Odin HIMSELF! It’s basically like Thunderdome, only way manlier and with kids!

No other ad campaign raised one’s spirits so high, only to be dashed away almost as soon as the actual product was used. Seriously, the guns would jam all the time – piece of crap doesn’t begin to describe it.

Also, the table was always lopsided. Sure, it was adjustable; but that meant diddlysquat because the components are junk plastic. Since it’s impossible to level it out, one player is constantly on a lower level shooting up hill making it impossible for them to win.

My Crossfire conclusion is this – the game is junk but the commercial is epic. Don’t waste your time purchasing Crossfire, just watch the ad and any number of remixes on YouTube.

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