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Which Casino Game is Right For You?

Whether you’re a casino novice and want to get an idea of what sorts of games would be best or a more experienced player who’s started to wonder whether your temperament means you’re more suited to some games than others here’s a handy guide that should help.

For a start it’s worth taking a look at the types of games you’ll find in a casino. There are games of pure chance like roulette and keno as well as card games requiring different levels of skill from the very basic baccarat up to the potentially very complex poker. There are also dice games like craps and Sic Bo which may be relatively simple to play but which offer you some very complicated betting options.  Slot machines or slots games are without a doubt the most emblematic casino games. There is no learning curve, so you will get right into the action, from the first time you hit that spin button!

There is a theory that suggests that particular personality types will be best at particular games but we’re going to turn this on its head to run through dome of the most popular ones highlighting their features and the skills needed to play them.


For many roulette is the ultimate game of chance. You simply place your bet on the chosen colour or number and leave your fate in the hands of the little white ball. You’re on your own just playing the wheel and making your own decision. So it’s ideally suited to people with less outgoing personalities but who find making decisions easy.


Blackjack, on the other hand, allows you to put on a bit of a show as you duel with the dealer and try to second-guess their hand. So some say it suits a more flamboyant personality as well as someone who is good at picking up on body language too. There are a finite number of card permutations in blackjack which are all contained in the so-called basic strategy. So having an excellent memory and being able to remember them all is also a big help.


Both being able to analyse the emotions of others and hide your own are key skills that any poker player needs, as well as having a shrewd strategic brain. Obviously, a strong competitive streak and the ability to bounce back from a succession of weak hands is also essential.


The very public way that you play dice games like craps mean that they’re not for shrinking violets and the betting options mean that you’ll also potentially involved in a high-risk strategy or two. So a bold and flamboyant approach is vital.


The simplicity of baccarat lies in the fact that you just bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s so there’s no skill involved at all. The one facet you do need to have is decisiveness and perhaps an extrovert nature too as you can be certain that you’ll have an audience round the table.


If you like your action fast and furious needing quick decision-making then the ever-popular slots could be perfect for you to play. What’s more, there are hundreds of themed versions covering everything from comic-book heroes to football so there’s bound to be one to match your interests.

So it’s worth having a think about which games would suit you best before you really start to play. After all, you could already be sitting on exactly the skills you need to start tipping the odds in your favour.

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