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Diamond Select The Muppet Figures Wave 1 (review)


Raise the curtain, light the lights, Diamond Select has released the first wave of their new line of The Muppets action figures.

ds-package-kermitAnd overall, it’s an impressive release, but plenty of room for improvement.

The first wave features 7 figures that arrive in 3 packages.  Even with 2-3 figures a package, there’s plenty of wasted space in the packaging.

The wave include Scooter and Fozzie; Kermit with his nephew, Robin, and the rabbit Bean Bunny;  and Gonzo with Camilla.

And all three sets arrive with a number of accessories.  Fozzie arrives with a rubber chicken, a clapper, false nose/glasses, and a bullhorn; Kermit comes with a guitar, banjo, stool, log and director’s chair; and Gonzo arrives with a stage light, a cup of coffee, a bag of popcorn (non-edible), an easel with sign, and a horn.

The sculpts on the figures are pretty fantastic.

There’s plenty of texture, but the articulation on many of them is pretty tight and the paint jobs run from perfect to meh.  There’s enough articulation to set up a display, but there’s not a lot of opportunity to vary poses much.

kermit_bean_robin_toys-1 fozzie_scooter_toys-1

gonzo_camilla_toys-1For fans of The Muppets, Diamond does an admirable job with the launch of the line.  The only real caveat is the actual size of the figures (3-4″), versus the relatively high price point (approximately $23).

Fortunately, there’s a significant amount of accessories included (as well as a second figure) to help justify the cost (which can also be reduced by purchasing them as a bundle offered by many online retailers.)

Overall, these nostalgic characters are successfully brought to life for your collection.  Recommended.

Diamond Select The Muppets Figures Wave 1 are available now

For more details and other Diamond Select The Muppets merchandise, Click HERE!



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