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‘Axiom’ (review)

Written by Mark Waid
Illustrated by Ed Benes
Published by Legendary Comics
ISBN: 9781937278731 | Price $19.99
Release date: August 23, 2016

Legendary Comics has been impressing with their line of comics in the past few years. Top creators doing top notch work.

Their titles have ranged from Frank Miller doing Holy Terror and Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley on The Tower Chronicles.

No matter which way you slice it, they produce some of the more stunning comics in recent times.

They deconstruct the genre and almost rebuild it into something new.

That is definitely apparent in the newest offering, Axiom, by legendary writer, Mark Waid.

Waid is having a mini resurgence in his comic work and I could not be happier. Between this and Archie, it’s great to see his high quality writing on the stands.

Waid writes a killer tale here too. Axiom and Thena, aliens from another world, arrive on Earth. Benevolent and godlike, they cure humanity’s ills and usher in an era of peace, prosperity and complacency.

A series of tragic events reveals another side of Axiom: humanity’s savior becomes its worst nightmare. A Defense Department analyst, armed with only scientific knowledge and courageous spirit takes on the turned hero in a fight for mankind’s survival.

The writing is sharp and well paced. Waid is one of the best writers comics ever had and he runs wild here. It’s a hell of a ride. A hell of a script. Surprisingly, thoughtful, and brutal, this is a book to read and reread again.

Ed Benes has never been one of my favorite artists. I always thought he is what editors would get if they couldn’t get Mike Deodato Jr. Yet here, he comes into his Owen and owns his art and the book. This is the best work of his career.

The production value and colors on this are amazing. This will be on my list of best books of the year. Thank you to Legendary for again showing us how comic books should be done and entertaining this reviewer once more.


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