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Top 5 Most Gambling Countries in The World


The government has taken the gambling under the strict control, but the municipal casinos, available for Finns, and they use this opportunity a lot. Those who spend on gambling activities in a year more than 120 euros officially considered as addicted to gambling games, and for this person will be provided free psychological counseling. It is not known how many psychologists were able to instruct on the right path, but judging by the amounts of money that the Finns left in the casino, they prefer to “sin and repent.”

The only plus – the state spends income from the casinos on the development of sport and culture. But the weird fact is, that the thrill at the gambling table more and more attract the pensioners, this seriously worries the authorities, who do not yet know how to distract the grandparents from the habit of risk of their money. About half of the Finnish citizens having fun at the casino on a weekly basis, leaving behind in a year of about $ 550-560.



In relatively prosperous Canada, three-quarters of residents visits gambling establishments. Gambling is allowed legally. The country has more than 50 casinos, Quebec province is especially known for gambling establishments. Pretty popular in Canada online casinos, scratch tickets and lottery. Gambling brings to the country a good income: 13 billion dollars a year. The authorities are trying to strengthen the control, especially for online casinos, launches social advertising to fight against gambling, but the result is not so good as authorities want. The average money spent on the gambling games by a Canadian Player – $ 570 per year.



In Ireland gambling regulated by hopelessly outdated law of 1956. According to this law its possible to open a small private clubs. Since 2003, the country allowed an online casino that has increased total money spending on gambling. In an effort to control the process, in 2015 the government passed a law changing the taxation in the field of gambling games. The Irish love to bet on horse races, to buy lottery tickets. The combination of love for animals and nature of the Irish passion led to the extraordinary popularity of greyhound racing, for which was built special stadiums. The Irish left in casino about $ 600 per year.




Gambling business in Singapore experienced the ups and downs. It was first legalized in 1823, but in 1826 was banned. The new flowering of gambling games began in 2005 with the opening of the first casino. For 10 years, the city turned into a gambling paradise for tourists. But for local residents there is some restrictions. They have to pay a large sum for the opportunity to enter the casino, which not everyone can afford. Relatives have the right to veto gambling for a family member. At their request, his name will be added to the blacklist, and the entrance to the gambling establishments for him will be banned forever. This concern for fellow citizens by the authorities justified: even with the limitations for the residents of Singapore, they can spend more than $ 1,100 for gambling per year.



One-armed bandits crowd’s favorite, it takes first place among the Australian gamblers in popularity. Slots is followed by sports betting, horse racing, online casinos and poker. Naturally, this gives a significant replenishment of the budget, and the state is in no hurry to limit gamblers. However, the voices of those who consider gambling is a problem, become more often and perhaps the government will have to take an action. One reason for the popularity of gambling in Australia – no tax on the

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