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The Best Horse Apps to Get You in The Mood For the Grand National

Hello Bud At Aintree” (CC BY 2.0) by Paolo Camera

The greatest racing event of the year is just around the corner. That’s right, the Grand National 2017 takes place on April 8th and it is estimated that a quarter of adults in the UK will bet on the epic contest. That just goes to show how involved people get with this annual race meeting, and if you are one of the excited ones there are a few ways you can get in the mood before it all starts. Here are some essential equestrian apps to download in the weeks running up to the magnificent occasion.

My Horse

For those who always dreamt of owning a horse but didn’t have the time or money to fund such an extravagant venture, you can now simulate the experience from your smartphone or tablet. The My Horse app allows you to groom, feed, and treat your horse, and build a close-knit bond with the majestic animal. You can take photos of it roaming around the paddock, and share the experience with friends. If you keep your horse well-fed and trained it may even reach the World Championships.

Who knows, this could be the stepping stone to actually having your own horse in real life and getting it ready to compete at Aintree.

Horse Park Tycoon

Instead of having to make do with one horse, in Horse Park Tycoon you can take care of a whole park with over 40 different breeds. The aim is to attract friends and visitors from all over the world to come and see the array of horses you have to offer. In addition to that, you can decorate the paddock with flowers and other attractive visuals, and hire staff to work for you.

Building facilities will attract more customers and you will eventually get a popularity rating. You can also take part in horse races to win prizes. This app has been well received, with a 4/5 star rating on the Google Play Store. One user even went as far as to say: “So good I don’t even have the words to describe it :-P.”

Horse Races Now

The horse racing games are all well and good, but when the Aintree festival rolls around you’ll need an app that keeps you up to date with all the most important goings on in the world of racing.

The Horse Races Now app is like “having a racing program in the palm of your hand.” It provides racing news, wagering tips, entries, results, as well as alerting users about changes. Horse racing fanatics can watch live streams of races from their phones, as well as replays. This app could be exceptionally useful during the Grand National and other events in the racing calendar.

Download one or all of these apps now to start giving yourself that Grand National buzz. Or if these don’t take your fancy why not check out Giddy App, Horse Wallpaper, or My Horse HD? The list of amazing horse-related apps goes on.


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