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Graphic Breakdown: Werewolf Queen, Chaykin’s Hysteria and The Forging of an Event

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

It’s the Friday Edition. Let’s get started!

The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #1
Written by Micky Neilson
Illustrated by Jason Johnson
Published by Space Goat Publishing

You know that they are really pushing it with the nostalgia when you get a comic book based on The Howling. Now, I loved the original Joe Dante version. The following sequels were all pretty terrible.

Thankfully, this isn’t. Unnecessary maybe. It does have some entertainment value however.

This picks up directly after the events in the first Howling film.

A recap is provided and it is very helpful.

This issue focuses on the events following Karen White’s transformation into a werewolf on live television.

People in the comic are told it was a fake and the survivors from that event must come to terms with what they saw.

The writing is very good. Neilson catches you right up with a recap but keeps the momentum flowing forward. The art is a bit stiff and clunky but I liked it enough.

A decent comic book overall. Better than most. …especially that godawful The Lost Boys comic. Still, what’s next? A Goonies comic?? Wait…



Catalyst Prime: The Event 
Written by Christopher Priest and Joseph Phillip Illidge  
Illustrated by Marco Turini and Will Rosado
Published by Lion Forge

This is quite a comic book. It’s intelligent beyond belief and I’m impressed it actually got made. Of course, one of the writers Is Christopher Priest so I expect nothing less. This is a good start to a new comic book line and a good jumping on point.

The book concerns five astronauts trying to save the world from a big asteroid. It seems like a simple concern and a spin on the Fantastic Four concept. It’s anything but that.

The writers mess with time the way Priest usually does with a comic. We jump to a week before the event. Then we jump to  a week after.

The whole comic book follows suit from there.

The writing is slick and the art is well done. The introduction “One year after the Event” is a fairly great way to start the comic. The art reminds me of Alex Maleev a bit…and I love Maleev. This could be a company that takes off  á la Valiant. Pick it up. It all starts here!



Noble #1 
Written by Brandon Thomas
Illustrated by Roger Robinson
Published by Lion Forge

This is another great start to a new series over at Lion Forge. This book features a brand new character and he’s pretty damn cool.

This book takes place one year after tinge “Event” and astronaut David Powell has returned!

While he tries to piece his life together, David has to go on the run. He also has these strange new abilities.

The writing is top notch. Thomas gets us right into the head of the characters within a few panels. Following an emotional opening scene, the issue then becomes action packed and doesn’t let up for the rest of the issue. It’s thrilling.

The art is a bit clunky but it’s not bad at all. The issue as a whole is a strong start to a good story.

I’ll be reading this every month for sure.



Ab Irato #1
Written and Illustrated by Thierry Labrosse
Published by Lion Forge

This is an out of nowhere surprise. I really enjoyed this book. The art is some of the best I’ve seen this year. Passion oozes from every page and I honestly couldn’t get enough of this book.

In the future, all of the rich people have access to a vaccine that allows them to live hundreds of years. Our hero Riel meets another heroine, Neve who join up with a band of rebels to fight against the rich people.

The story here is nicely written. The art is just pure excellence. The whole thing has a frantic quality that adds intensity. It actually feels scary and more real than I was expecting. Pick up this book for a story with great characters and a fast paced storyline.



The Divided States of Hysteria #1-3
Written and Illustrated by Howard Chaykin
Published by Image Comics

Last but certainly not least is this long awaited book from Howard Chaykin.

Chaykin is one of the best the industry has ever had. Classic cool characters. Hard boiled dialogue. Dynamic and excellent visuals. And characters you love to hate.

He’s one of the few elder statesmen in comics that still has balls.

This is Chaykin’s take on terrorism. A dirty bomb destroys what we once knew of New York. Then, a second American Civil War occurs. So, a team is contracted to bring the bombers to justice and quell the outrage in the country.

I have to say Chaykin isn’t afraid to push it and here he REALLY pushes it. Good for him.

This is the book Chaykin claims may get him arrested. He probably won’t, but it’s a book with its fingers on the pulse of the country. It may shock some, I think. It’s an important book however.

Maybe the most important book of Chaykin’s stellar career. Tops.


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