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Android vs iPhone – What is The Truth About Which is Best?

If you believe the predictions of KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, it seems that the forecast premium iPhone 8 will support facial recognition. Kuo also suggested that the screen will form most of the front of the phone. This design feature is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8. His other predictions for the phone are equally interesting. Meanwhile, Android developers and users have been alerted to the news that more than 300 apps being housed in Google Play have been identified as being used by hackers to make cash through virtual clicking.

There are positives and negatives associated with smartphones and their operating system (OS). In this case, the negatives are associated with Android, but this does not always apply. The truth is that, a lot of the time, choosing between iPhone and Android is a decision that people make with the heart rather than the head. So, positives and negatives do not always come into the equation, but we would advise using your head to make the choice. Here are some of the facts to help you.

Android and iOS phones – what are the differences

If you are not one of those people who has already chosen their allegiance, and is sticking to it, you should pay close attention to the following factors.

1. Choice of phone available

iOS is the Apple OS. This means that if you choose iOS you are limited to using Apple iPhones. On the flip side, there are hundreds of Android phones to choose from, these phones are produced by a range of manufacturers, including Huawei and Samsung. You can take a look at the best Android phones online, to help you make your decision. Getting your research right is important, so make sure you do not rush it.

2. Which is the best software?

In the past, iOS software development tended to be ahead of Android. Nowadays, most apps are available for both operating systems at the same time. This removes one of the main benefits of choosing an iPhone. You should have access to the same level of software, no matter which choice you make.

3. Can you customize the user experience?

Customization comes with both benefits and drawbacks. The Android OS is open source, which means that many different apps, and versions of apps, are available from many different sources. The OS itself can also be tweaked. This means that you can benefit from a varied user experience. The problem with this is that there can be security issues, which increase the incidence of malware. You only have to look at those 300+ apps that have recently been discovered, and you can see the potential dangers.

iOS is controlled by Apple. This means that if you are an iPhone user, you know exactly what to expect. Once you use one iPhone you can use them all. Many people like the stability that this provides. There is also less likelihood of malware when an OS is so controlled.

You need to decide between the benefits of an eclectic user experience and the benefits of a high level of control and security.

Of course, using all of this information to decide whether you want to be an Android or an iPhone user is just the start. You also need to look at what plans you can get, for the phone of your choice.

Deciding on a phone plan

You can research phone plans from home, by taking a look at all of the different providers, such as MetroPCS. Once you know what phones you want to look at, and what you need from a plan, look for Metro PCS store locations, and find the one closest to you. Then you can head down to the store to discuss the deals face-to-face. You want to make sure that you get the best possible result from the discussion, so here are some points you should include.

  • What functionality does a phone offer; such as screen definition and camera quality.
  • Is there a plan which closely fits with your smartphone usage?
  • Can you get a better deal based on information you have seen elsewhere; if another provider is offering the same package at a cheaper rate.
  • What are your responsibilities once you have signed up to a package?

Remember, you do not have to make a decision there and then. It’s better to take your time and make sure you are happy with your final decision.

iPhones and Android phones both have positives and negatives, as you can see just by looking at the latest news stories. If you have yet to decide which choice is best for you, consider differences such as phone options, customization

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