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Casino Addiction In Movies

The concept of problem gambling and issues surrounding it has been brought to the fore in the last few weeks. This is mostly due to the huge fine slammed on the 888 casino for failure to keep to the dictates of social responsibility as a casino game provider. It failed respect the action of the customers that opted for the self-exclusion state, and also did not pick out a problem gambler whose case was very obvious. With this, many people are looking back to see if the world have actually done enough to bring the menace of gambling addiction to the front burner.

We now take a look at the movies that have treated issues of problem gambling or gambling addiction in the past. We as well recommend them to anyone who believes they or their relatives and friends may be suffering this problem


1.  Owning Mahowny

This is one of the explicit movies that addressed the issue of extreme addiction.  The major theme of the movie is about obsessive gambling, where Brian Molony gambled away more than $100,000,000 from his employees. The characters were portrayed by Phillip Seymour-Hoffman, John Hurt and Minnie Driver, and they did it perfectly well. This 2003 movie has a striking resemblance to what happened to that employer that brought problem on 888. Molony was an assistant bank manager in Toronto, and unknown to his manager who trusted him so much, he was stealing from peoples accounts and gambling them away.


2. The Gambler

The name of this movie tells it all, and it talks about highly placed people that are addicted to gambling. Here, a university don got so soaked in gambling addiction to the extent that he started losing his mind and eventually plunged into self-destruction. The character of Caan got to the level that he will always need more high from gambling. This leads him into borrowing money to achieve this till it became huge. It teaches a direct lesson that could be applied at all slots casino mobile.


3. The Cooler

This is another movie about gambling addiction. It is about one Bernie Lootz as portrayed by William H. Macy, who the entire casino world accepted that she has no luck at the games. But instead of quitting, she continued gambling and owing the casino, to the extent that she had to work for them to pay those debts. But the job they gave her is the one that amazes people. She was employed as cooler. That entails sitting beside the high rollers in the casinos, so that she could attempt to jinx their winning streaks. It was a movie that was well received by critics and reviewers.


4. The Color of Money

This talks about how veteran gambling can damage relationships. It is about Eddie, who offers to teach Vincent and his girlfriend Carmen how to make huge money from casino games. However, while they are learning the pool hustling dynamics, Eddie who believes he knows all in the gambling world loses money to another pool hustler. The turn of events saw both Eddie and Vincent preparing to face each other in a gambling tournament. Do you think their friendship will remain the same after the competition since they are in desperate need of the money at stake?




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