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Graphic Breakdown: Don’t Miss Titles Explored!

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown the Friday edition!

Here are some books to get keep your eyes out for!


Winnebago Graveyard TP
Written by Steve Niles and Alison Sampson
Art by Alison Sampson, Stéphane Paitreau
Published by Image Comics
In stores 11/22/17

This is one of the best books of the year.

Pick it up right now. Don’t even finish this review.

Just go out and buy this book. It’s awesome.

Steve Niles is one of the best writers out here and it’s great to see him still writing.

A family is having problems. They have decided to take a trip in a Winnebago!

They come to a town with a creepy amusement park. They have a good time at the amusement park.

And then, they get out…and their Winnebago is gone.

What follows is a exhilarating tale as this family tries to escape this town.

Oh, and there’s one of those pesky cults in the town hellbent on killing them.

Niles writes this story fast and furious and it’s beautifully paced. It never feels like a chore to read it. Instead, it’s pure enjoyment. Sampson proves to be an amazing storyteller here and makes some of the best artwork of the year.

Pick this up. It’s exciting, bloody, and damn good.



Extremity Vol. 1: Artist
Written and Illustrated by Daniel Johnson Warren
Published by Image Comics
In stores 9/6/17

This is awesome book that I wasn’t expecting to like.

Try new things people!

This is a great new book from Image and Daniel Johnson Warren is a hell of a talent and has a hell of a future in this business.

It’s a post apocalyptic world.

Thea is a denizen of this world. She dreams of getting revenge on the clan that destroyed her family and took her hand(she’s an artist!) This leads her on a quest that takes her to the very edge.

The writing is great on this book. Warren is a natural storyteller.  The art is great as well. It’s extremely fluid and gorgeous to look at. The best thing for me was the design work. It’s out of this world and reminded me of Moebius.

Pick this up. It’s quite a special book.



Animosity TP Volumes 1 and 2
Written by Marguerite Bennett
Illustrated by Rafael de Latorreand Juan Doe
Published by Aftershock Comics

Marguerite Bennett is such a good conic book writer and it’s heart warming to see her working at Aftershock Comics.

I couldn’t wait to dig into these two trade paperbacks. I was so happy to read this. It’s a fantastic original story.

One day, out of nowhere, all of the animals on the planet started thinking.

They started talking. And they start wanting equal rights. A war breaks out. One year after all of this, a young girl Jesse and her dog Sandor travel across America to find Jesse’s half brother. Sandor is sworn to protect her. But can he?

The writing is tense and topical. Bennett really knows how to move a book. The art is awesome and tops. Pick up both of these. Your collection needs these books in it. Trust me.



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