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Complex Board Games That Are Worth The Headache

Any passionate board game player knows there are all different kinds of games on the market. Friends can enjoy collaborative picks like the hit Pandemic or Elder Sign or mess up their friendship with games such as Monopoly or Risk.

Among the hundreds of options, sometimes what matters the most to players is the complexity level. Enjoying Splendor or Guillotine offers fast-paced action and simple rules. In fact, such low-complexity games can easily be compared to playing video slots at Online Casinos.

On the other hand, there are complex games with huge rulebooks that can give you a headache. Nevertheless, when it comes to the games listed below, the headache is more than worth it.


Terraforming Mars

Launched in 2016, this board game was an instant hit among players worldwide. The gameplay includes resources, special player boards, tile placement and event cards. Terraforming Mars comes with quite the tick rulebook and players will need to try it at least a couple of times before they remember everything necessary for smooth action. It may be frustrating until you start understanding all the signs, tags and cards. Nonetheless, in no time you’ll fall in love with the gameplay of this amazing board game.


A Game of Thrones (The Board Game)

Based on the immensely popular TV Show Game of Thrones, A Game of Thrones by Fantasy Flight Games can be a true pain to casual players. It really takes dedication to learn all the complex rules of this games. A Game of Thrones features worker placement, event cards and several status tracks of which players must have extensive knowledge. Reading the rulebook is like reading a novel and each rule seems to come with five additional rules related to it. However, taking part in epic battles in Westeros is the best possible reward players can hope for.


Settlers of Catan

Any board game enthusiast knows Settlers of Catan, a game adored by millions of players worldwide. This game comes with different scenarios players can try, each of them with rule variations. Moreover, the game also offers lots of extensions, every single one more complicated with the previous. Even the base game itself is far from simple; players place settlements, cities and roads, which lead to them earning resources and benefits. These are later spent on expansion, fighting and purchasing of cards. It takes at least 10 games, each of at least 60 minutes, to get hold of the game. Afterwards, you’ll surely won’t stop thinking about it.


Power Grid

Try to power the biggest number of cities on Power Grid and feel the excitement of owning oil companies, wind turbines and solar plants. This game provides a wonderful two-faced playing board and several rule variations that occur depending on the number of players. The gameplay includes placement of cities, purchasing power plants and resource management. All these aspects make it too much for some players. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic game that will awaken all your senses.


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