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‘Batgirl #24’ (review)

Written by Shawn Aldridge
Illustrated by Scott Godlewski
Published by DC Comics


It’s not often that I pick up an issue of Batgirl, but when I saw one of my favorite villains, Two-Face, on the cover flipping a Batgirl coin I was intrigued!

I have nothing against Babs per se, but I fell off of my love affair with Batgirl fell flat during the Fletcher/Stewart run. Not that there was anything wrong with the book, it just wasn’t for me. It certainly was “for” a lot of people.

I was, and continue to be, delighted by the yellow fashion snaps on her newly improved cape and practical costume on the many fans I see at every convention!

Simone’s run is where the rubber of the Batcycle hit the road for me, and I’ve been hesitant to pop in on the character since Rebirth.

New-to-me writer Shawn Aldridge has a great handle on this issue! His previous credits include Hack/Slash, The Dark and Bloody and others. He lives in Portland, OR which is apparently where they drink good coffee, watch the rain fall and write amazing comics.

This issue is no exception!

I’m unsure if Shawn is the regular writer, in fact from looking at the Hope Larson as credit on #23 and Paul Dini being credited as one of the writers on #25, my best guess is that this is a fill-in. But there’s all-killer and no-filler in this floppy! It starts out with a great motorcycle chase, and my love for Yvonne Craig in Batman ’66 was awakened!

Batgirl triumphs over the drug peddlers after the chase, in case you were wondering.

Great story here as Batgirl is tipped off about one of her former classmates, Jacob, being involved in something that he shouldn’t! He’s programming and hacking for Harvey Dent, who has two goons by his side, one guy in a suit, the other a thug, representing the two sides of his infamous decider coin. Spoiler warning! Jacob only made his way up the criminal ladder (and getting beat up by Batman) to get to Two-Face for revenge! Two-Face killed Jacob’s father, a cop, by shooting him twice.

Will Batgirl turn it around for Jacob?

Will Two-Face fall by the progeny of a long lost enemy?

Will Barbara’s own dad ever realize his own daughter is standing right in front of him in a Batsuit?

Tune in to Batgirl #24 to find out.

Where do you come from, where do you go?
What is your scene, baby, we just gotta know!


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