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‘Green Arrow #41’ (review)

Written by Mairghread Scott
Illustrated by Matt Clark, Sean Parsons
Published by DC Comics


Upcoming Batgirl writer Mairghread Scott writer pops over to Star City to take the Emerald Archer for a two-issue stint. Green Arrow #41 kicks off “Better Than: Part One”, drawn by Matt Clark, a name I’m not familiar with but one I will surely keep an eye out for!

Hopefully you’ll be able to hunt down a copy of the Mike Grell variant cover for the old school comic book fans!

Following the events of No Justice and Green Arrow Annual #2 Ollie is on his own for a bit. He’s asked to help transport super villain Parasite from one prison to a sentencing hearing and to another Super Maximum prison for good!

Queen is the hero for the job because he doesn’t possess any super human abilities that Parasite would us to his advantage if they came in contact with him.

The trouble is, the new facility is full of super crooks and all manner of Green Arrow’s meta powered rogues. Stupid idiot bad guy Mammoth, Teen Titan villain, spits on Parasite during his prison walk through.

And here’s where the fun begins!

A hulked out Parasite heads to the sewer and Green Arrow has a tussle with Count Vertigo, King Shark and other inmates Dr. Phosphorus and Red Tornado but his quiver of specialty arrows allow to make the pursuit of Parasite into the real mission.

Scott is most well known for her work with Transformers, and I think is a great choice for this book, even if on a temporary assignment. We’ve gotten to know the New 52 and Rebirth Green Arrow runs, and six complete seasons of Arrow on television to draw from these days.

What I am saying is that this book has a pop sensibility and appeal for fans of both the television show and current arcs.

The books hangs on the premise of none of the ‘real’ heroes showing up to help Oliver in this situation, and even has he heads to face off with Parasite in the next issue! Have we seen this same story before but swap out Batman and Killer Croc or Spidey and The Lizard? Sure, but Parasite is an interesting villain for Green Arrow to face off with, so I am all in for this two-issue arc. I look forward to Scott breathing some new life into Batgirl this summer as well.

As a post script to this single issue review, and I have to point something out I didn’t realize was distracting me. We’re all used to caption boxes having a little Bat-symbol or appropriate lightning icon to denote who is ‘thinking’.

Green Arrow has been using an Up Arrow in the left side of the box and in this issue I keep looking for some action above the box. My suggestion, DC is keep the box green unless he’s there with Green Lantern, then get crazy!

Why did it take a new writer and 40 issues for me to get distracted by this art choice? I have no idea—but where else can I lodge a complaint?


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