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‘Action Comics #1009’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrated by Steve Epting
Published by DC Comics


This book is leading to the event called Leviathan!

Brian Michael Bendis is laying the groundwork here!

What will this event be? How big will the scale of it all become? Does it even matter anymore?

These are all questions that are weighing on my mind as I picked up this latest issue. I’ve been along for the ride as this is the better comic of the two Superman Bendis comics.

But it is getting a bit long in the tooth.

This issue opens with Amanda Waller waking up in the updated Fortress of Solitude. It’s a rather comical scene and Clark basically tells Lois Lane to be mindful of their guest.

Waller says that Leviathan is taking people out and then she faints. What does that mean?

Clark deciphers that Leviathan is related to Talia Al Ghul’s group and that they are committing some dastardly deeds.

Things gets even worse when Waller tells them that Lois’s father was with her when things erupted. This sends Lois into a panic. And then she asks Waller to tell her what happened. We are then treated to a flashback at this point.

So we cut away to six hours previously. We see an attack happen. And we get a glimpse of who Leviathan might be. Superman starts to gather some more information from Waller. And that’s when Superman meets up with The Question to help him out.

This is when Bendis is at his best here. Superman wants a detective’s mind on the case and he wants the Question’s expertise. The dialogue here is actually great and it’s fun. This all leads to a strange ending that was both entertaining and intriguing. I liked it very much. Though honestly at a certain point I wished that Bendis would just get on with it a bit more.

Epting does a fantastic job drawing this book. Its definitely a unique take on the Superman mythos. Let’s hope Bendis keeps this story moving rather than dragging things out.



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