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‘Wonder Woman #66’ (review)

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Illustrated by Cary Nord
Published by DC Comics

Wonder Woman and Aphrodite are on a mission to find out the mystery of the missing Mount Olympus and Wonder Woman’s mother in Wonder Woman #66. They call upon longtime enemy Giganta to take on rocky beasts and form an even rockier alliance.

Cadmus and Eirene are settling in to a national park, a unique option for the mystical creatures who are refugees on our world. There, they can blend in among the animals and nature without burdening the government, Wonder Woman or have to assimilate into urban society. This seems like the perfect plan until a hidden menace reveals itself.

The creatures call on Wonder Woman who concludes that other ancient characters, the rock-skinned Titans have also had the same idea and are now settling their differences by fighting in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

In order to take on these brutes, Wonder Woman asks Amanda Waller the impossible, to release Giganta from prison and servitude to Suicide Squad to tame the same-sized stone Titan exiles. This doesn’t come without a price as negotiations for compensation break down. Wonder Woman agrees to Giganta’s terms right up until she asks for half a million dollars! You would think Giganta being temporarily free from prison would be enough but she’s savvy for that paper.

This was another fun issue, starting off a new arc, “Giants War”

Since largely this was concerned with larger-than life characters taking up the action on the pages and a simple story (with the missing Themyscira and Olympus as a backbone), we are treated to more of what Wilson is great at. Both Wilson and Bendis on the Superman titles are doing an excellent job at DC, dipping into almost 80 years of rogues for a fresh take on legacy characters. Here in Wonder Woman, a healthy dose of established enemies, some Greek mythology and a new status quo makes for damn fine comics.

Nord wows with a beautiful and strong Diana Prince and having to draw two stone Titans having a fistfight has to be a highlight for him, because the energy is felt on the page with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and vistas completing the overall look.

Next up, we’ll see if Giganta can maintain her alliance and quell the stony conflict or if she prefers to retreat back to the watchful eye and trigger finger of Waller’s Task Force X!




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