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SDCC – FOG! Explores The Cast and Crew of Amazon Prime’s ‘Carnival Row’

The cast and crew of Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row wanted San Diego Comic-Con audiences to know that the world they are building is not just fantasy.

The drama, which centers on a human detective and a fairy as they face potential dangers, monsters and creatures in Victorian London, is not just about the world of fantasy, but centers on issues that are very much grounded in the real world.

(From left) Writer/Producer Travis Beacham, Tazmin Merchant, Orlando Bloom, and David Gyasi)

“It is important,” said scribe Beacham. “I don’t know if it necessarily needs to do more than that, but I think a lot of our problems in society comes from that we don’t talk about things anymore. It’s considered rude to discuss politics. And as a result, we have placed ourselves in these bubbles. And the nice thing about art is maybe, and hopefully jumpstart a new conversation.”

It’s very much a myth,” said writer/producer Guggenheim. “But in writing, I’m trying to inspire, to find a way to talk about issues of the time but in a way that is very personal without breaking the character. It tells the struggles that we are all going through from the specifics of an individual character, and it really takes a human perspective. That’s the way we will always try to write this.”

“It is highlighting social issues and finding out what is the story behind the story, with whoever it might be, whether it is by gender or by race. It’s really about all of us.”

“When you want to get into this business, the advice that I can give to people is to talk people and to listen, because that helps you get a better perspective on life,” said actor Gyasi, who plays Mr. Argreus on the show. “As an actor, when you get a script that feels like it is speaking about our world, it is just a gift.”

But social issues are not the only focus of the production. Carnival Row is very much rooted in fantasy, filled with mythical creatures, dangerous beasts and magical elements. It is an atmosphere that actor Orlando Bloom is very much familiar with, yet was still impressed with the level of detail from the show’s creators.

(From left; Orlando Bloom, David Gyasi and Marc Guggenheim)

“I was so overjoyed to walk into shooting and see the level of detail that was placed into the production,” said Bloom, who plays Rycroft Philostrate on the show.

“There is a scene when we walk into a shop and there are potion and creatures…you can’t imagine that! I couldn’t even imagine that! To go to these places and see the level of creativity is just…I can’t get over things like that…it is filled with these wonderful

In addition to the unique look and feel of the series, the cast and crew believe that because the show is on Amazon Prime, the ability to binge a show is beneficial to a series rather than the formal of a weekly series because it allows viewers to become completely immersed in the world of Carnival Row.

“It’s crazy how much the industry has changed. When we were taking Carnival Row around, were weren’t doing TV chats. We weren’t writing for streaming. But with streaming, there is more of a global awareness. With an Amazon show like this, you can a story with a global perspective,” said Beacham.

“It creates a sense of community and sharing a love for a television show in some ways. At the same time, everyone can watch it all at once, exploring the world and share in the experience,” said Merchant.

“The method allows viewers to explore the world and dig deep into a character. It is an exciting way to tell a story,” said Bloom. “Having done both TV and film, sometimes you are restricted in both, because you don’t have the time to really explore. So to mix the two is a real joy.”

Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row will premiere on September 30, 2019.



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