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‘Supergirl #32’ (review)

Written by Marc Andreyko
Illustrated by Kevin Maguire
Published by DC Comics


This is the penultimate chapter of the Superman/Supergirl crossover.

For what it’s worth, this issue isn’t too bad. It’s high flying action and adventure and that is perfectly fine with me.

I do have to say that it will be good to see where Supergirl goes from here now that this storyline is almost done. I’m looking forward to it after the next issue is completed.

First of all, I was completely thrilled Andreyko was joined by artist Kevin Maguire here. It’s great to see him back on the title for this.

Automatically, I was hooked.

The first image was of Supergirl and Superboy being attacked by aliens. It’s a beautiful image and well composed.

From there, we cut back to earlier on the Throneworld of the Trilium Collective. It’s a wonderful scene that leads us up to the current circumstances. The creatures surround them and scream “For Gandelo!”

It’s funny and enjoyable and it ties up the storyline well.

Rogol Zaar makes an appearance as well and goes about his usual destructive ways. Supergirl and Zaar fight and she tries to use his axe against him. Things don’t go as planned however for Kara.

There is a crazy scene at the end that leads into the DC Year of the Villain crossover.

Brainiac is given an offer. Where’s it going to lead to? I don’t know. But I am excited to see. This is a real solid issue of this title.



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