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Why The ‘Jack Hammer’ Slot is One of The Best Comic Themed Slots Games Out There

If you are a keen online casino player, you will have heard about the Jack Hammer slot game. Designed by NetEnt, this game has a cool, comic book theme and features a strong storyline to get you hooked from the first moments of play. Here are some more reasons why Jack Hammer Slot is one of the best comic themed slot games out there.

It’s Different – the Jack Hammer slot game is different from most other slot games, in that it offers an artistic take that players can appreciate. Websites such as praise its originality. It is not often that slot and reel games feature an immersive story, yet Jack Hammer manages to do so.

Artistic – the comic book graphics are well drawn and are like mini pieces of comic strip art. The vibrant colors, speech bubbles and bold text pop from the screen, giving players plenty to look at. Set against a moody purple sky, we see characters and props that are all elements of the story. Jazz-style background music plays when you get a winning spin, adding to the retro 1930s feel and bringing another layer to the gameplay.

Cool Storyline – the hero, private detective Jack Hammer, pits his wits against the villain, Dr. Wuten, in this classic good against evil plot. Each picture on the reel shows some of the story’s action, such as a worried woman speaking on the phone, a vial of orange liquid, and the hero, Jack, with gun in hand. As humans are naturally drawn to epic stories of triumph over adversity, it is clear why Jack Hammer grips the imagination.

Fun Factor – as far as slot games go, Jack Hammer has to be one of the most fun to play. The free spin feature gives you up to 30 free spins as well as the bonus of 3x multipliers, trebling your winnings in these rounds

There is also a ‘sticky win’ feature that locks winning symbols in place and gives you more spins on the rest. If each time you get another win, you get another go. These features, as well as the bright comic graphics, make Jack Hammer a fun slot game to play.

Another great thing about the Jack Hammer slot game is that the graphics look great on mobile phones, as well as other devices. No matter where you play, you are always going to get the same high quality experience.

The Jack Hammer slot game is a must-try for any online casino fan. The comic book genre in one that appeals to many, as most of us will have grown up reading comics or watching cartoons on TV. It is that familiarity with the genre that could be a reason why Jack Hammer is such a popular slot game. The retro, comic book-like graphics make it a visual delight, and with frequent low value pay outs, there is plenty to enjoy.


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