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‘Second Coming #2’ (review)

Written by Mark Russell 
Art by Richard Pace
and Leonard Kirk
Published by Ahoy Comics


The first issue of this series was the best comic book that I read all year, hands down.

Mark Russell and Richard Pace are such a dynamic creative team, that the work is unlike any other comic book I have ever read. I’m happy to report that this issue picks up right where we left off last time and continues the story perfectly.

The opening sequence has the news going on about how Sunstar stopped a bunch of alien invaders from stopping a bank.

The problem is that the “invaders” aren’t really aliens, but humans dressed up as aliens.

So Sunstar punches one of their heads off. That’s when he finds out that it was a human.

We then see Sunstar at some sort of super hero group therapy group where he asks how was he supposed to know that they were human?

Another hero just replies “Because they were robbing a bank?” I laughed out loud at that line.

It’s a great start to the book and Russell and Pace really keep things moving right along. Sunstar talks more about his problems. Then we see that Jesus is still with him. Jesus and Sunstar have a nice dialogue going back and forth.

Russell keeps the dialogue humorous and never lets the book get too preachy. (Another great laugh out loud line is when Sunstar asks Jesus if he ever have a girlfriend.)

From there, they head to Sunstar’s place where they have a meeting with God. God then takes Sunstar away to a Food Court in Heaven for a chat. This had some of the best dialogue of the comic. Sunstar asks God how there is evil in the world if he is all powerful. God just replies “laziness.” This part of the book was uproariously funny and strangely moving at the same time. It’s a hell of a balance but the creative team achieved it to perfection.

Jesus assists Sunstar on a case. The results of this case are anything but standard. The question of the issue for Sunstar really becomes who he should listen to? The answer is revealed at the end after a big mistake that was both funny and horrifying.

As soon as it ended though, I wanted the next issue immediately.

Russell does an amazing job with the plot and the dialogue. It’s unbelievably funny and strange but also manages to be absolutely perfect. The art by Pace is wonderfully expressive and dark. It looks like no other book out there and that’s a great thing.

I actually read this twice and enjoyed it both time. Kudos to the creative team. It continues to be the best new comic book release of 2019! More please.



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