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‘Dial H For Hero #7’ (review)

Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Joe Quinones
Published by DC Comics


This has been a fun comic book! I am glad that they expanded it to twelve issue (it was originally slated for only six).

Humphries has created a complex storyline with this title that it needed more room to finish it. It’s a good thing too and it feels completely natural and does not feel forced.

Instead, it is pretty well done.

We start off in the Heroverse and there are all sorts of new heroes abound!

Metropolis had now become a city of a thousand heroes! All sorts of ordinary people become heroes! It’s a madhouse! It all might be a tad dangerous as well.

Humphries sets up the story well and it is interesting right from the get go.

The first part of the issue shows us some of those transformations. We also get to see some of the superheroes interacting in the city. All of it is very entertaining. The Phantasma character is the one that I liked the best.  The style for that particular scene was well by artist Joe Quinones. He does a great job turning his art into another style for each of the scenes here and making it all seamless.

Where is this all going? It seemed a little scattershot for much of the issue.  Is there a plan? The ending of the issue shows some promise that there is a bigger story at play. But what is it?

The creative team doesn’t answer it in this issue and it is a little frustrating. Hopefully we get a little more of an inkling in the next issue. I love not knowing where I am heading. But only if it leads to someplace satisfactory. Let us see what happens!



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