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‘Lois Lane #3’ (review)

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Mike Perkins
Published by DC Comics


The investigative exploits of Lois Lane take a break as her personal life takes center stage. Greg Rucka has done a fabulous job of highlighting Lois as a brave reporter who searches for the truth. The gritty surroundings Rucka has created within the narrative has made it easy to forget Lois has a super-powered family.

Superman appears at nightclub turned crime scene with reporters galore filming the whole thing.

Lois is mad about this for two different reasons.

The world already believes she is cheating on Clark Kent with Superman.

She’s also not feeling Big Bue right now because he planted his flag as a way of saying Lois is under his protection.

Both things have not only damaged her reputation even more but has also made her job on this story more complicated.

The best moment of the book comes early on when Lois is storming down the street with Renee Montoya and takes advantage of an out of frame Superman’s super hearing. Lois yells at him while Renee thinks she is the one being yelled at.

Superman appears, asks Renee for some privacy, Lois says she can stay, and Renee decides it’s time to bounce. It was a fun chain of events that led Lois and Superman’s heart to heart conversation. Rucka constructs their discussion in a way that at first, made me think Lois is out of line for being mad at her husband.

Then, once Lois laid out the bread crumbs, it reminded me of many conversations I’ve had with my wife where I believed I was right, only to realize in the end that I was hilariously wrong.

If you read the description and were looking forward to Jon Kent’s arrival, well, you will be disappointed. Jon’s sole appearance on the final page conjures up a chuckle but is ultimately misleading since we must wait until the next issue to see what the preview promised here.

I was afraid of a heavy Superman presence in this series because I don’t want anything taking away from Lois Lane’s story. The reality is, it was only a matter of time before he became an integral part of one of these issues.

However, Greg Rucka balances it all out quite nicely.

Superman will always ensure Lois’ safety. Something like that runs the risk of diluting Lois being able to stand on her own two feet. Lois not only stands up but takes control of the situation because it all boils down to having a job to do.

Rating: B



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