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‘Batman/Superman #3’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by David Marquez
Published by DC Comics


This has been a rather dark ride thus far. I have to hand it to the creative team. They really are doing some exemplary work here. It is like a superhero comic book dipped in horror. I have been absolutely enjoying this and have been enjoying the strange twists very much.

The Superman Who Laughs has now joined with the Batman Who Laughs. This is a darkly macabre beginning of the book and I just loved it.

Apparently, Superman is now under the gaze of the Dark Knight of evil. Or is he?

Superman may in fact be undercover trying to stop this devious demon from the Dark Multiverse.

Superman is losing his mind. Batman comes to intervene. He rescues Superman from the madness.

It goes a little quick and then Batman ends up leaving Superman to fight the Batman Who Laughs. He knows that he is running into a trap but just goes for it anyway! This all happens very quick but it is rather exhilarating.

Batman then encounters Commissioner Gordon while on the hunt.

Gordon has been infected by the Batman Who Laughs. Talk about upping the ante! The Batman Who Laughs then takes Gordon’s old Batman armor and wears it. He is then taken down by the dynamic duo.

We learn quickly that there may actually be a bigger plan in place. The ending is just Insane. But it is a good kind of insane. This really ties in well to DC’s Year of the Villain and Lex Luthor’s devious plans.

The art by David Marquez is nothing short of spectacular. It is perfect for this book and he is really shining here. Let us hope the quality of this book keeps up but right now it is really a winner.



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