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‘Wonder Twins #8’ (review)

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Mike Norton
Published by DC Comics


This is another fine issue of this title. I love when this comes out. It is everything that a good comic should be. It is funny, sweet and full of adventure. The creative team never forgets to entertain us and they do a hell of a job on it.

This issue starts off with a really sad scene. Jayna goes to visit her friend Polly Math in prison. It turns out that Jayna isn’t on the approved guest list of people that can visit Polly.

This makes Jayna sad and gives the issue some emotional weight to it right from the get go.

Then, we get to see Principal Turner opening up an invitation to his 30th high school reunion.

He then calls Jayna into his office and tells her about how he was once in love with Terri the Librarian.

He wants to cancel the reunion as he cannot emotionally deal with it. I laughed and felt sorry for the poor guy at the same time. It is really a great set up and Russell puts forth an excellent script as usual. (A beautifully funny/sad moment is when Turner’s confession is played on the loudspeaker).

Jayna then recruits Zan and a few others to plan to make the 30th reunion a good one for Turner. They spend a few days planning. They also make a casino night possible for the reunion. It’s wonderfully sweet.

The Wonder Twins eventually foul up the evening. It is funny and tragic and very entertaining. It does end on a bit of a cliffhanger but that is okay. I am intrigued to see where we end up.

The art here isn’t my favorite. Mike Norton is just okay. That being said, he does a capable job here. The book is still fairly strong and one of the better new books of the year.



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