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‘DCeased #6’ (review)

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Trevor Hairsine and Neil Edwards
Published by DC Comics


This book has been an incredibly crazy ride thus far leading up to this issue. Tom Taylor has been doing an amazing job writing one of the best new series of the year. The excitement has not let up from the very beginning and this has truly been an epic time!

The madness that has infected the DC Universe characters finally claimed one of the biggest characters last issue.

That’s right, Superman himself has been infected! This is where the issue starts and it is tense right from the beginning.

We see things right from the get go that I never thought that we would see!

We see the normal set up of Superman coming to save the day!

But then he just crashes into a building and blows it up. It is brutally dark and I was completely hooked.

From there, things only get better and better.

The heroes regroup. They start to strategize how to defeat Superman. Things are starting to look really hopeless. Wonder Woman decides to meld a sword with Kryptonite. She then decides to launch an attack on Superman himself!

Things get even crazier. We get to see an infected Aquaman pop out of the sea with one of the craziest splash pages of all time. It also features one hell of a great moment for Green Arrow that made me want to applaud.

From there, we move over to the climatic fight between Superman and Wonder Woman.

But things don’t go so well. Then it seems that it is up to the Dinah Green Lantern to take on Superman. But is she ready?

This leads into one of the most horrifying endings ever. I can’t say much more without ruining it. But man, it is spectacular. The whole series was. Let us hope Tom Taylor writes another one. This is some truly great work.



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